High Lonesome Vineyard ®
Veteran Owned and Operated
Tom and Edie Gustason, Owners


Born out of our love of fine wines and delicious food, High Lonesome Vineyard ® is in the process of becoming the premiere location for fine wines in Southeastern Arizona. After meeting an owner of a winery here in Arizona and noticing the uniform, t-shirt with shorts and flip flops, Tom and Edie decided that it would be a great retirement uniform for them both to wear.
High Lonesome Vineyard ® consists of approximately 36 acres of rich sandy loam in a fertile valley surrounded on the south and west by the Mule and Whetstone Mountains, on the north by the Dragoon Mountains and on the east by the Swisshelm and Chiricahua Mountains. At an elevation of about 4,300 feet, the area experiences a four season climate with summer temperatures seldom exceeding 100 degrees.

Our Vineyard

Phase 1 of our Vineyard is complete. Planting for Phase 2 is almost complete. Check our video showing the progress of Phase 1 from beginning through its first season under Our Vineyard web page.

High Lonesome Vineyard ® is located about 15 miles east of Tombstone, Arizona and 8 miles west of Elfrida, Arizona. It is owned and operated by Tom and Edie Gustason. Both Tom and Edie are retired from the US Army and have always called this area home. Tom’s first trip to southeastern Arizona was in 1989 and Edie’s first trip was in 1987. After 21 and 20 years, respectively, we have come back to where our roots were first planted.


Our extensive wine list will include exquisite bottles from around the globe but locally grown and produced in Southeastern Arizona. Look for our newest products!